How to Stick Magnet Signs to New Ford F150 Pick Up Truck February 29 2020, 1 Comment

You are probably reading this because you've recently bought a new Ford F150 Pickup truck and are struggling to stick your magnetic signs to it. This is because it is made from Aluminum and is non-magnetic. Don't despair, it's an awesome truck and our Gripper Mats™ can help to hold your magnet signs on.

Stick magnetic sign to F150

Our Gripper Mats :

  • Are easy to apply and remove
  • Can hold your existing signs onto your F-150 truck - no need go through the hassle of re-designing your signs or having permanent decals attached
  • Fully tested in all conditions
  • Unlimited uses - There is no limit to the number of times they can be used because they do not use adhesive!
  • Available quickly

Our wonderfully versatile product can stick to virtually anything smooth, clean and dry (aluminum, plastic, fibreglass, carbon fibre etc.) and they never run out of stickiness because they do not use adhesive. Whenever you remove your magnet signs from your truck, simply give the Gripper Mats™ a quick rinse under water and then allow them to air dry. They will be as sticky as the day you received them from us.

They are super easy to use - simply put a few Gripper Mats™ on the back of the  magnetic sign (as shown on the packaging) and then press onto the vehicle body panel. They can be cut to any shape using a pair of household scissors if necessary. When you want to remove the sign simply peel it away from the vehicle slowly. The Gripper Mats™ will leave no marks and cause no damage whatsoever and can be stored in their packaging after a quick clean so they're ready for the next use.

Gripper Mats for Magnetic Signs F150 Ford

Gripper Mats™ are incredibly strong and have been tested in freezing conditions and up to 70 MPH with outstanding results as seen in the video below.

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Use our handy online calculator to work out how many mats you need

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