How to Stop Dog Bowls Sliding Around May 17 2016, 0 Comments

Would you like to chase your dinner around?

Your hungry dog has been busy keeping you company all day or pining for you to come home and they're totally devoted to you. You give them a loving stroke, returning the affection and then dish their food into their bowl. However, things take a frustrating turn for both you and your hungry hound as they chase the bowl all over the floor. Not having the ability to hold it still, they bang and crash,desperately trying to eat. This isn't what you want for your faithful hound. This isn't what they want from you either!

Gecko Grippers are the answer to the problem. You do not have to watch your dog suffer this frustration every meal time. You can help them to have a calm, stress free meal that leaves them feeling relaxed and satisfied afterwards.

Gecko Gripper - Pet

Gecko Grippers are flexible, sticky, rubbery mats that do not wear out. Simply pop one on the floor and place your dog's bowl on top of it. The Gecko Gripper holds the bowl firmly in place and your dog can enjoy its meal. Afterwards, simply peel the Gecko Gripper up, give it a quick rinse under running water and allow it to air dry. It will literally be as good as new and will last indefinitely. It is important to understand that Gecko Grippers only stick to smooth, dry and hard surfaces so they will not work on carpet. They can be used with almost any existing bowls you have which makes them a very cost effective option.

We have sold over 2000 Gecko Grippers and are developing new ranges to the product.

What do some of our customers say?

"Easy to position and clean. They do stop the bowl sliding around and she can eat without tipping the bowl over". Miss P Lowe.

"Innovative. I wish I found these things years ago". Mr M Jones.

You and your dog should experience these benefits:

  1. Calmer meal times
  2. A happier dog
  3. Less mess
  4. Less stress for you and your dog
  5. Reduced risk of tripping over your dog
  6. Can be used with existing bowls
  7. Less gorging meaning improved digestion and health
  8. Improved relationship between you and your dog

Gecko Grippers are available in either single or double packs and come with use and care instructions. We offer a 110% money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence knowing that if you're not 100% happy we will give you a full refund plus 10% of the purchase price.

Join our growing Gecko Gripper family, add your Gecko Grippers to your basket now and benefit from our limited time, discounted prices.