Gripper Mats™ - Magnetic Sign Grippers for Aluminium Vehicles: Trucks, RV's, Trailers


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Struggling to hold magnetic signs to your car or truck?


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  • 😱 MAGNET SIGNS WON'T STICK? Lots of vehicles are made out of Aluminum these days such as the new Ford F150. It's a fantastic material as it's light weight for it's strength making it popular amongst high end manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. However, if you need to stick a temporary magnetic sign to your car or truck, for example as a taxi might or in a sales showroom you will not be able to if the car body panels are made of Aluminum.
  • 👍 TOTALLY SAFE FOR YOUR VEHICLE. Gripper Mats are engineered using our specialist Nano Technology material. They do not use adhesives / glue in any way. Adhesives may damage the paintwork or leave unsightly marks and suction cups just won't work either as too much air will get underneath the sign.
  • 😀 THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS GLOBALLY. We have had the honour of helping literally thousands of customers solve this ever growing problem of holding magnetic signs to aluminum vehicles. We can now help you. We've helped owners of trucks such as the new Ford F150, cab's, chauffeur's, RV's, trailers.
  • 😍 EASY TO USE AND NEVER WEAR OUT. Simply stick the Gripper Mats to the back of your existing magnets using the layouts shown on the packaging. The Gripper Mats will then hold securely to your vehicle. No glue, no magnets, just clever nano technology. When you want to remove the sign, simply peel it slowly from the vehicle. Afterwards, the Gripper Mats just need a quick rinse and to air dry and they're as good as new. Time after time, year after year. They do not run out of stickiness. Ever.
  • 🌎 TESTED IN THE HARSHEST OF ENVIRONMENTS. We have tried and tested Gripper Mats in all weathers and in the harshest of locations such as -20 Degrees C in Alaska to 45 Degrees C+ in Death Valley and at speeds 70MPH+. We are so confident that Gripper Mats will not let you down that they are backed by our 110% Money Back Guarantee.

  • Please feel free to get in touch with any enquiries.

  • For orders of 5 x mats or more, a 10% discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

  • We have some great bulk order discounts available. Select from the drop down menu:

    • 10 x Gripper Mats™ (25% Discount)
    • 20 x Gripper Mats™ (35% Discount)
    • 50 x Gripper Mats™ (45% Discount)
  • It is important to note that it is the responsibility of the user to ensure suitability for each particular application and to check items are held securely before each use.

  • 110% Money Back Guarantee - We believe in our product and our aim is that you are 100% happy or we will offer you every penny back plus 10%. 

Gripper Mat™ Dimensions:

225mm (22.5cm / 9") x 150mm (15cm / 6"), 5mm thick.

Surface area of each Gripper Mat: 33,750mm2 (337cm2 / 54"2).


Calculate How Many Gripper Mats™ You Need Using Our Online Calculator (above) or the table below for many standard magnet sign sizes.

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