Proper Design - NanoGrip™ - Baby & Toddler Sticky Place Mat - Stop Spillage, Help eating, Superb Grip, Non-slip, Non-slide


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"A better solution than many suction bowls", Parent Society.

Totally reusable forever, our wonderfully grippy Place Mats will help your child to eat by stopping their plate or bowl sliding all over the table or high chair. This has a positive impact for parents too as feeding can be done with one hand as the bowl is held still!

The aim of our NanoGrip™ Place Mats is to help your little one learn to eat while they have limited coordination by holding the plate or bowl still for them, not to totally secure it down. No product will stop your little one from experimenting and making a mess, it's just something we as parents have to go through and accept. After all, even if the bowl is totally secured, the food can still be taken out! At some point, our little ones have to learn to eat by themselves. NanoGrip™ Mats help massively with this process.

NanoGrip™ Mats have quite incredible grip on smooth, flat objects. However, they will not totally secure a plate or bowl down, especially if the ridge on the bottom stops there being a good contact area. We see this as a positive as plates and bowls can be re-positioned if necessary without the hassle associated with other products as well as teaching valuable life skills. The larger the surface contact with the NanoGrip™ Mat, the more the object will stick.

As the NanoGrip™ Mats do not use adhesive they need a little bit of tender love and care to keep them in tip top working order. Simply wash by hand under cool, mildly soapy water, air dry and your NanoGrip™ Mat will be as good as new.

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  • Help babies, toddlers and parents to cope with the demands of feeding. These clever little products grip onto any smooth surface such as bowls and plates, stopping them from sliding around. This helps your little one learn how to eat and reduces the stress and frustration of accidental spillage for both babies, toddlers and their parents! NanoGrip™ Mats can help with endless tasks such as: holding snacks in place, holding baby wipe packets down or even hold a book in place for your baby/toddler.

  • NanoGrip™ grippy placemats are a revolution in baby products. NanoGrip™ Mats can be used with existing bowls and plates so there is no need to buy awkward to use and expensive alternatives that try to combine suction.

  • Our unique PU Gel is incredibly sticky, never wears out and sticks to virtually any smooth, dry surface! No magnets, just clever design! They are removable and forever reusable, they simply peel off leaving no marks or residue whatsoever.

  • Environmentally Friendly and Hygienic - We believe in looking after our planet and our children. NanoGrip™ Mats are BPA Free, made from totally recyclable materials and packaged in card from sustainable sources. They are incredibly hygienic as the surface is virtually impenetrable to germs, unlike other place mats. NanoGrip™ Mats are also incredibly easy to wash.

  • 110% Money Back Guarantee - We believe in our product and our aim is that you are 100% happy or we will offer you every penny back plus 10%.

    It is very rare but some types of food may cause staining.


    120mm diameter (12cm / 4.72"), 3mm thick.


    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Janine Ainscow
    Sticky situation helped my toddler!

    These Gecko Grippers are fantastic. My first child really struggled to learn to eat and I had to sit and hold the bowl still through the whole meal as soon as we started self feeding. For my second child I was lucky enough to be recommended Gecko Grippers by a friend. They don't totally hold down the bowl which is great as that just stores up problems for the future. I.e. the child will experiment and throw the bowl later on if they don't do it at a young age! They are very grippy and hold the bowl still though which helps as young children have limited coordination. Very clever in terms of a child's developmental needs. Thank you for helping my child move on so much quicker!

    Hi Janine,

    Thank you so much for your detailed review and for your purchase.

    Kind regards,

    Accounts Manager
    Proper Design

    Alison Davidson
    Excellent product, does exactly what it says it should ...

    Excellent product, does exactly what it says it should do. Used it to attach baby's plate to high chair tray and it didn't move at all. Even more importantly she was unable to budge it either in spite of trying very hard to do so.

    Janet Nelson
    Five Stars

    These are really brilliant. They stop the bowl sliding around and are easy to clean.


    I use these to stop my babies plate sliding all over her high chair. The plate now stays nicely in place which helps during the early stages of self feeding. They really are incredibly sticky but leave no marks or mess behind. Thank you!