Kitchen Fitters - The Best Upgrade - How to Easily Impress Your Customers December 09 2017, 0 Comments

Fitting kitchens is a highly skilled job and your customers rely on your expertise to install their new kitchen with accuracy and skill. At the end of the day, they've probably forked out a fair old amount of money for it.

The crazy thing is that most kitchens come with incredibly poor closures. Why not stand out from the crowd of kitchen fitters and offer your customers the simplest of upgrades.

Our range of Advanced and Advanced Plus bumpers offer incredible cushioning for an instant quiet closure of cupboard doors and drawers. There really is no comparison to the standard dome ones that come with kitchens for free. They take literally seconds to fit as they simply peel and stick on.


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How to stop cupboard doors and drawers banging and slamming? May 05 2015, 0 Comments


A common question for all who are tired of hearing irritating banging and slamming cupboards and drawers.

You have two main options:

1. Damper / Piston type:


Soft close dampers are by far the most professional, high quality and quietest option. Months have been spent developing the "Ultimate" soft close damper. Our research told us that only the very best smart synthetic oil should be used in conjunction with the highest grade steel springs. The quality of the materials we have used in this soft close piston are second to none. This means that we can guarantee our Ultimate soft close dampers for over 100,000 uses which equates to over 40 years of service in the average UK kitchen and ensure the best operation of any equivalent damper on the market.

Ultimate soft close dampers are easy to fit and come with the holder and screws for each piston. It is important to temporarily hold the damper in place in order to find out the best position for your particular doors this can be done easily using blue-tack. Once the optimal position is found, the piston itself can either be slotted into a hole that you drill in the unit carcass or placed into the holder that simply screws into place.


2. Adhesive Rubber Bumpers / Buffers: 

If you want an easy life we have a simple to fit, yet very effective method! We have a range to suit every budget and situation. Our Standard dome shape adhesive rubber buffers / bumpers are very good and will help a great deal. However, we offer two further options. Advanced and Advanced Plus. These are the "creme de la creme" of soft close bumpers / buffers. Uniquely designed with a scientific approach in mind at all times during their development, these bumpers are made from the softest polyurethane you could imagine. They absorb incredible amounts of energy, dramatically quieting the sound of the cupboard door closing. 

As a very happy customer of ours just said after buying his second lot of Advanced Plus, "Now I just have to stop wandering around the place opening and closing drawers and doors with a stupid look of delight on my face, my other half thinks I've lost the plot. Thank you once again for a wonderful product, I'm sure I'll be back for more".

Enjoy peace and quiet with our easy to fit, high quality and super effective soft close door and drawer buffers.


A lovely thank you letter from a valued customer. April 19 2015, 0 Comments

Hello again Phil and thank you for the free gift.

Just to let you know these rubber bumpers are as I said. "A great cost effective help for Tinnitus sufferers."

People tend to slam cupboard doors especially in kitchen and bathroom areas with no idea of the effect a little door slap can do to a ringing brain.

Whinging nagging or complaining never helps, just spreads the misery and makes you look like a wimp.

Your rubber bumpers should be available on the NHS, complete with a big label saying, "NOT TO BE TAKEN"

Now I just have to stop wandering around the place opening and closing drawers and doors with a stupid look of delight on my face, my other half thinks I've lost the plot.

Thank you once again for a wonderful product, I'm sure I'll be back for more.


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Welcome to Proper Design! We are still in the process of developing our website but are too excited to leave it hidden away!


We've got some incredible developments that we're working on and are sourcing manufacturers to produce a completely new product; Gecko Grippers.


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