Help Toddlers to Eat August 04 2015, 0 Comments

Life as a toddler must be hard. Imagine; you're hungry, tired and just want to battle through it and carry on playing. As if things weren't bad enough though, mummy or daddy stop you playing to have something to eat. But it gets worse. They kindly give you the food but you can't quite seem to get hold of it because the plate or bowl keeps sliding around. Frustrating!

There is a very simple answer... Gecko Grippers - Toddler Placemats. These wonderful sticky placemats will take away the frustration your little one has during meal times. They simply stick to any smooth surface such as the high chair table and the bowl simply sits on top and is held in place. Toddlers want to be independent but don't quite have the skills to cope yet so Gecko Grippers help to bridge the gap in their ability by holding the bowl or plate for them while they just concentrate on scooping the food.

Gecko Grippers work by using microscopic suction. Basically, if you zoomed in with a microscope, you would see thousands of suction cups like the ones used to hold things to windows. This may sound a little gimmicky but they really do work. They're so strong in fact that they can hold a 2Kg weight to the ceiling! We've received countless comments thanking us for developing this product and it's lovely to know that you have helped in some small way.

Gecko Gripper - Toddler Placemats  have hidden benefits for parents and carers too. Calmer, happier children are the main ones but also less mess and your little one can learn to become an independent eater much faster which means you're able to eat your own meal in a reasonable fashion at the same time if you wanted to!

Life using Gecko Grippers couldn't be easier, due to the PU Gel properties in the Gecko Grippers, they are extremely easy to wash. A quick rinse under warm soapy water and allow to dry and they will literally be as good as when brand new. They simply do not wear out meaning you have a lasting investment. Gecko Grippers are environmentally responsible being recyclable but also coming in packaging that is designed to keep the product safe but can also be recycled when the time comes.

If you have any questions about Gecko Grippers, please do get in touch and we'll be delighted to help.