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Ultimate Soft Close Dampers are the most advanced retro-fit dampers available.

We are extremely proud that our Ultimate Soft Close Dampers make over 18,000 cupboards and drawers quiet every 12 months in the UK alone. Join our happy customers in Ultimate peace and quiet by adding a pack to your basket now while our discounted price lasts.

  • Banging doors and drawers do not suggest quality and cause unnecessary discomfort and stress in your home. We have the Ultimate solution. Within minutes our Ultimate soft close pistons could ease your frustrations and help to create the feeling of soft close quality and calm. They can be fitted to almost any cabinet and will instantly improve the quality of your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom furniture.
  • Ultimate soft close dampers have a unique internal design that allows for smoother, softer closure. As you swing the door or push the drawer closed, it moves quickly. Just at the last moment, the piston gently slows the speed right down allowing the door to close quietly and not slam. They come in a pack of 10 which includes the holder and screws for each soft close piston.
  • Months have been spent researching and developing the Ultimate soft close damper. Tests have proven that our Ultimate dampers out-perform others on the market on all counts.
  •  Ultimate soft close dampers are different to others on the market. Although they look similar to others, ours are manufactured specifically for us at Proper Design and have to meet our stringent quality standards. Our Ultimate soft close pistons use expensive “smart” synthetic oil that remains incredibly viscous throughout its life. We also only use high tensile, top grade steel springs ensuring there is no deterioration in quality over time. They are guaranteed for over 100,000 uses which equates to approximately 40 years of service in the average UK kitchen. Our Ultimate soft close dampers will most likely out last your kitchen! Nevertheless, you can have extra peace of mind with our 110% money back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy, we’ll give you a full refund plus an extra 10%.
  • Our customers are delighted with the decision to fit Ultimate soft close dampers. Join them in peace and quiet by adding Ultimate soft close dampers to your basket now while our limited time offer applies.


Fitting, Installation and Common Misunderstandings


When fitting, it's is important to note that there are three variables to consider:

1. The weight of the door or drawer.

2. The power of the hinge springs

3. The weight of the contents in the drawer / door.

The further away from the hinges the dampers are positioned, the more power the dampers have.

When fitting, please ensure you have tested where to position the dampers and how many are needed before attaching them permanently into place. Different doors will require different positioning. Testing is easy to do by using Blue-Tack / Masking Tape to temporarily hold the dampers in place.

Usually one damper is enough for a standard door when positioned correctly. For larger or heavy doors, we recommend using two dampers and if they are not suitable for your requirements please rest assured that we will honour our 110% satisfaction guarantee.

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