Ultimate Soft Close Dampers - Fitting Instructions

 Ultimate Soft Close Dampers

Fitting Instructions and Helpful Tips



It is not possible to say exactly where to fit your new dampers or how many will be needed so some trial and error will be required. Although one damper is normally enough, occasionally more are required. The reason for this is that there are three variables:

  1. The power of the spring in the hinge or drawer runners (This varies between manufacturers and models).
  2. The weight of the door/drawer (This varies between manufacturers and materials).
  3. The weight of any contents attached to the door or in the drawer (This will vary even on the same unit).

Positioning the dampers:

Ultimate Soft Close Dampers are designed to be fitted on the handle side of the door. They are adjustable by moving them towards the hinge side however. The closer to the hinge, the less power the dampers have. We prefer attaching them to the top of the cupboard as they are more discreet and do not get in the way when sliding things in although they can be positioned wherever is most practical for you.

To find the best position we recommend using blue-tack / masking tape to temporarily hold the dampers in place so that you can experiment with different positions. Literally 1 or 2mm can make the difference to getting them fitted perfectly so it’s worth taking the time to get it right.

Once the best position has been found you can then attach the dampers using the fixings provided. We advise that fitting should only be carried out by experienced DIYers or professionals.

For additional technical support please contact us either by email or telephone and one of our technical support advisors will be happy to help: 07815 850031.