Door Buffers / Bumpers


Soft Close Self Adhesive Rubber Feet

  • Our self adhesive polyurethane bumpers are manufactured specifically for us to our specifications in order to meet your needs. The best quality and only available from Proper Design.
  • They are made from the highest qualitysoft polyurethane rubber.
  • Ideal for reducing the slam on cupboard doors and drawers for a quieter and calmer life or for using as grippy feet on products.
  • A simple, easy and reliable solution: just peel and stick on.
  • Manufactured from the Highest Quality Pure Polyurethane available
  • Very durable and will last indefinitely
  • Self adhesive -Super strong Acrylic adhesive - guaranteed not to fall off
  • Crystal clear, so are very discreet and guaranteed not to yellow over time due to special additives in our blend of polyurethane and adhesive
  • Excellent for protecting furniture, insulating Hi-Fi equipment, stop cupboards from banging, anti-slip, anti-vibration etc.
  • Come attached to backing material in the quantity you have selected.
  • For larger or custom quantities, please contact us at 

Advanced Plus - Incredible dampening quality

  • Dimensions of Advanced Plus:12.7mm diameter x 5.1mm tall
  • Excellent energy absorption due to softer Polyurethane and engineered design.
  • Incredible dampening - sounds like "quality" when cupboards close!
  • Engineered design: The impact of a door closing is first absorbed by the raised nipple like the "advanced" model, then transferred into the main body gradually dissipating the shock. However, the "Advanced Plus" design is shaped so that it "catches" the sound wave generated at the point of impact as well!
  • Comments from customers about Advanced Plus:

"These are so effective! I'm glad I tried them. Thank you".


"Do what it says!"

"Finally, quiet cupboards!"

Advanced - Excellent dampening quality for such a thin product

  • Dimensions of Advanced: 12.7mm diameter x 3.8 tall
  • Excellent energy absorption due to softer Polyurethane and engineered design.
  • Dramatically reduces the slam of a cupboard or drawer
  • Engineered design: Impact of door closing is first absorbed by the raised nipple then transferred into the pyramid shaped body gradually dissipating the shock.


  • Manufactured from Polyurethane
  • Dimensions of Standard: 8.0mm diameter, 2.5mm tall
  • Good energy absorption so reduces amount of slam from cupboard doors and drawers
  • Cost effective for the budget conscious

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mike Jacks
Very effective

Brilliant - these are really good quality buffers.

Martyn Goodson
Fabulous and simple to install.

Amazing and simple to install. Now I just have to stop wandering around the place opening and closing drawers and doors with a stupid look of delight on my face, my other half thinks I've lost the plot. Thank you once again for a wonderful product, I'm sure I'll be back for more!

Amazing - Way better than the normal ones

The order of Advanced Plus came extremely quickly in a slim envelope which meant it came straight through the letter box and we didn't have unnecessary packaging to get rid of. The buffers are outstanding and very easy to fit. Peace at last! Thank you so much.