Wall Protectors / Door Stops


Our wall protectors / door stops are manufactured from the highest quality Polyurethane and manufactured specifically for us at Proper Design to our exacting specifications.
  • Very durable
  • Self adhesive
  • Clear, so are very discreet
  • Excellent for protecting furniture, stopping cupboards and doors from banging, protecting walls and furniture etc.
  • They come attached to the backing material in the quantity you have selected.
  • For larger or custom quantities, please contact us at sales@properdesign.uk 

    Glass Gripper MAX

    Vast flat surface area for protecting larger areas from impact

    Dimensions of Glass Gripper MAX: 19mm diameter x 4mm tall


    Glass Gripper Regular

    Large flat surface area for easily stopping impact

    Dimensions of Glass Gripper Regular: 12mm diameter x 3.2mm tall


    Advanced Plus - Incredible dampening quality

    Dimensions of Advanced Plus:12.7mm diameter x 5.1mm tall

    Excellent energy absorption due to softer Polyurethane and engineered design.

    Engineered design: The impact of a door closing is first absorbed by the raised nipple like the "advanced" model, then transferred into the main body gradually dissipating the shock. However, the "Advanced Plus" design is shaped so that it "catches" the sound wave generated at the point of impact as well! This makes for very quiet closing!

    Comments from customers about Advanced Plus:

    "These are so effective! I'm glad I tried them and they're well worth the extra over standard ones".


    "Do what it says!"


    Advanced - Excellent dampening quality for such a thin product

    Dimensions of Advanced: 12.7mm diameter x 3.8 tall

    Excellent energy absorption due to softer Polyurethane and engineered design.

    Dramatically reduces the slam of a door

    Engineered design: Impact of door closing is first absorbed by the raised nipple then transferred into the pyramid shaped body gradually dissipating the shock.



    Manufactured from Polyurethane

    Dimensions of Standard: 8.0mm diameter, 2.5mm tall

    Good energy absorption so reduces amount of slam from cupboard doors and drawers

    Cost effective for the budget conscious

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Roy Stannard
    Great isolation

    These (advanced plus) were initially used for the problems of slamming doors on kitchen cupboards which have been very effective. I also tried these on the bases of my main stereo loudspeakers and they have made a remarkable improvement in the sound quality. I have now added these to other small electrical appliances where vibration is a concern and these have managed to soak up some of this to a surprizing degree.

    Thank you so much for your feedback and review Roy, it demonstrates the quality of the product and how diverse the range of applications are that they can be used for.

    Bob Wilkins
    No more boom!

    I was sick and tired of hearing my sons bedroom door banging on the wall as it opened onto the wall between our bedrooms. The Advanced Plus really have stopped the banging booming sound and have protected the plasterboard from any more damage. Highly recommend.