Adhesive Rubber Feet


Self Adhesive Rubber Feet

  • Our self adhesive polyurethane feet / bumpers are manufactured specifically for us to our specifications in order to meet your needs. The best quality and only available from us
  • They are made from the highest qualitysoft and very grippy pure polyurethane rubber
  • Ideal for using as grippy feet on products or as spacers
  • A simple, easy and reliable solution: just peel and stick on.
  • Manufactured from the Highest Quality Pure Polyurethane available
  • Very durable and will last indefinitely
  • Self adhesive -Super strong Acrylic adhesive - guaranteed not to fall off
  • Crystal clear, so are very discreet and guaranteed not to yellow over time due to special additives in our blend of polyurethane and adhesive
  • For larger or custom quantities, please contact us at 
Glass Gripper MAX
  • Vast flat surface area for incredible grip 
  • Dimensions of Glass Gripper MAX: 19mm diameter x 4mm tall 
  • Example use: Larger items that need to stay in place such as glass dining table tops
Glass Gripper Regular
  • Large flat surface area for excellent grip 
  • Dimensions of Glass Gripper Regular: 12mm diameter x 3.2mm tall 
  • Example use: Medium sized items that need more grip to stay in place such as glass topped side tables


  • Dimensions of Standard : 8.0mm diameter, 2.5mm tall 
  • Cost effective for the budget conscious
  • Example use: Smaller items such as coasters / drinks mats / place mats

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