Gecko Grippers

Gecko Grippers - Our Revolutionary Innovation.

Designed for gripping products in endless applications, they work by mimicking mother nature's Gecko!

We now have two products under this brand. Gecko Gripper mats and baby suction bowls.

Gecko Gripper Mats

Completely removable and reusable having no glue they will not damage your item or discolour over time and will last indefinitely. These amazing pads grip the smoothest of surfaces! In fact, our Gecko Grippers love a challenge - the smoother the surface, the better they will grip!

They can be used for endless applications. Examples include gripping baby bowls to holding magnetic signs into place on aluminium (non-magnetic) cars.

Baby & Toddler Suction Bowls

These little beauties have been scientifically designed to increase suction strength. They exceed the suction offered by any other brand on their own however, when combined with a Gecko Gripper mat, the suction power is incredible. No more babies and toddlers pulling their bowls off if you invest in a set of these.