NanoGrip™ - Pet Bowl Grippers - Sticky Mat - Stop Spillage, Help eating, Superb Grip - Ideal for Cats and Dogs


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  • NanoGrip™ Pet Bowl Grippers hold your pet's bowl firmly in place while they eat or drink. NanoGrip™ Pet Bowl Grippers can be used with almost all existing pet bowls so there is no need to buy a new bowl, no need to watch your dog or cat struggling to eat or to put up with them getting under your feet any more as they push their bowl around on the floor!
  • Help your pet feed with less stress. Have you ever wondered why dogs and cats "wolf" their food down? In the wild they would have had to eat as quickly as possible to get their share of the food or to eat before a predator came. NanoGrip™ Pet Bowl Grippers help remove anxiety and frustration by stopping the bowl from sliding around. This also has hidden benefits for owners too - less mess to clear up and happier, calmer pets! These clever little products grip onto any smooth surface such as bowls and plates, stopping them from sliding around and making them far less likely to tip up.
  • Our unique PU Gel is incredibly sticky, never wears out and sticks to virtually any smooth, dry surface. No magnets, just clever design! They are removable and forever reusable, they simply peel off leaving no marks or residue whatsoever. They are not suitable for carpeted floors. Hard, smooth floors are prefect such as tile, laminate and wood.
  • Environmentally Friendly and Hygienic - We believe in looking after our planet and our pets. NanoGrip™ Pet Bowl Grippers are BPA Free, made from totally recyclable materials and packaged in card from sustainable sources. They are incredibly hygienic as the surface is virtually impenetrable to germs. NanoGrip™ Pet Bowl Grippers are also incredibly easy to wash.
  • 110% Money Back Guarantee - We believe in our product so much that if you are not 100% happy, we will offer you every penny back plus 10%.


120mm diameter (12cm / 4.72"), 3mm thick.


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