Gecko Grippers - Super Suction Bowls (High Value, Pack of 3) PLUS FREE Sticky Place Mat


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  • HAD ENOUGH OF STRESSFUL, MESSY MEALTIMES? When your little one is weaning and learning to self-feed it can be a nightmare - they can't quite manage to eat without making a huge mess! Your solution: The high value, 5 Star Gecko Gripper Suction Bowls, not low scoring cheap bowls. Gecko Grippers will dramatically lower your stress levels as well as help to develop your little ones coordination and independence.
  • IF YOU WANT A BOWL THAT IS GUARANTEED TO STAY PUT - TRUST GECKO GRIPPERS. Thoroughly researched, scientifically designed and independently tested in order to provide you with the best solution. Gecko Gripper Suction Bowls are unrivalled by any other bowl on the market. They are amazing on their own, however, when placed on a Gecko Gripper placemat (which comes free for a limited time), the suction power grip is unbelievable. In fact, they hold so strong they can lift an entire wooden dining table!
  • STYLISH, PRACTICAL, SAFE AND UNBREAKABLE. Relax knowing that Gecko Gripper bowls are manufactured from the highest quality FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone and are BPA & Phthalate free. As a parent, your life is very busy so for you can also benefit from the bowls being Microwave, Oven, Freezer and even Dishwasher safe meaning much less hassle. They are also incredibly stylish and in a fun, gender neutral colour. Plus, being made out of silicone they are unbreakable and will last indefinitely.
  • NURTURE YOUR LITTLE ONE AND LOWER YOUR STRESS WITH QUALITY DESIGN. In addition to the incredible suction power, the flexibility means that if your little one wants to bang the bowl, the impact will be absorbed meaning the bowl will stay put. The tall, steep sides keep food in and also help your little one to scoop their food which is extremely helpful when they have limited coordination. As a caring parent you can rely on Gecko Grippers to help develop your healthy and independent little one.
  • JOIN OTHER PARENTS AND ENJOY CALM MEALTIMES. For a limited time, we're offering a Gecko Gripper placemat (RRP £7.99) FREE with every pack of Gecko Gripper Suction Bowls. We are so confident that you will love your new Gecko Gripper bowls that you can also enjoy total peace of mind with our 365 day, 110% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not 100% happy at any point in the next 365 days, we'll give you a full refund plus an extra 10%.


"The most effective suction bowl system on the market for parents who want to help their little ones enjoy calm, stress free mealtimes".

Parenting is hard enough without your little one throwing their bowl of food all over the room. We understand from first-hand experience and from our work with parents that you need the simplest, most effective solution: Gecko Grippers.

What if there was less mess because your little one didn't throw their bowls? Imagine how much your relationship could be improved if you had calmer mealtimes with less stress.

"I'm beyond happy with this product and for anyone looking to buy suction bowls for a cleaner baby led mealtime don't bother with the cheaper options-get the best-you won't be disappointed!".

"Fantastic product. I read the reviews and looked at the You Tube video but wasn't sure if it would actually be as good as they indicated but it is. I would highly recommend this product".

You can simply pop them in the microwave to warm food and into the dishwasher afterwards. The suction power ensures that the bowls stay put and your little one can concentrate on improving their eating skills rather than making a mess.

We're so confident in our Gecko Grippers that we will provide you with a 365 day, 110% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not 100% happy at any point in time over the next year, we will give you a full refund plus an extra 10%.

Enjoy calmer mealtimes knowing that you have the highest quality and most versatile bowls available. Add a set to your basket now to start enjoying mealtimes with your little one.

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