Baby Spoon & Fork Cutlery Set - Adjustable Handles to Help with Self-feeding / Weaning


  • Imagine how frustrating it must be for your little one to try and get food into their mouth when they are so poor at coordinating themselves. It must be so frustrating. Pretty much as frustrating as having to clean all the mess up after they have spilled food all over themselves and the floor. Here is a product to help with this issue.
  • Beautifully designed toddler cutlery with adjustable handle curves. The clever handles can be shaped and re-shaped to angle the fork and spoon in towards the mouth helping to guide food in to your little ones mouth much easier than normal straight cutlery. This is essential in the early days of learning to self-feed as it helps avoid frustration and anxiety at mealtimes. Not just for your little one, but you too!
  • Simple, clever design that is loaded with high end features. The spoon and fork can be bent into a curved shape in any direction (for left and right handed use). This also means that your baby will make less mess, eat more and so can sleep longer too! The rounded ball on the end of the handle means there are no nasty surprises by poking themselves in the eye as well as helping to stop their hands slip off.
  • Top quality, modern materials that are safe and practical. The cutlery is made from Polypropylene which is very heat resistant, durable and hygienic, the handles have an outer layer on them made from TPE which provides soft grip, a splash of colour and flexibility. There is also a mouldable steel core running the length of the cutlery to provide total durability, longevity and the ability to stay in different shapes. As your little one gets more confidentify,  you can strAughton the handles up.
  • Life as a parent is hard enough so you can rest assured that this cutlery set is a doddle to wash. They are incredibly easy to clean as there are no nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in.
  • Due to the popularity of this model we are experiencing high demand and delivery is anticipated to be around 10 days.


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