How to Stop Cupboard Doors and Drawers Slamming? "Ultimate" Soft Close Dampers July 17 2020, 0 Comments

You have two main options:

1. Piston / Damper type:

If you are a DIY enthusiast or trades-person, you can now install our piston type soft close dampers. We have spent months developing the very best in soft close kitchen cupboard piston dampers.

Using only the very best in materials such as "Smart" synthetic oils that remain viscous and high tensile steel springs, we have developed the "Ultimate" in soft close dampers. Our soft close dampers are tested and guaranteed for over 100,000 uses which equates to over 40 years of service in the average UK kitchen! 

Enjoy the Ultimate quality and quiet by removing the unnecessary stress and discomfort of banging and slamming doors and drawers with our easy to install Ultimate soft close dampers. No other damper is as effective so add them to your basket now while our introductory discounted offer is on. They come as a pack of 10 including the holder and screws.


2. Adhesive rubber bumpers / buffers:

If you want an easier life we also have a simple to fit, yet very effective method! We have a range to suit every budget and situation. Our Standard dome shape adhesive rubber buffers / bumpers are very good and will help a great deal. However, we offer two further options. Advanced and Advanced Plus. These are the "creme de la creme" of stick on soft close bumpers / buffers. Uniquely designed with a scientific approach in mind at all times during their development, these bumpers are made from the softest polyurethane you could imagine. They absorb incredible amounts of energy, dramatically quieting the sound of the cupboard door closing. 

As a very happy customer of ours just said after buying his second lot of Advanced Plus, "Now I just have to stop wandering around the place opening and closing drawers and doors with a stupid look of delight on my face, my other half thinks I've lost the plot. Thank you once again for a wonderful product, I'm sure I'll be back for more".

Enjoy peace and quiet with our easy to fit, high quality and super effective soft close door and drawer buffers.